A Little To The Left

“A Little to the Left” is a phrase commonly used in photography, directing the subject to adjust their position slightly for a better composition. But beyond photography, it’s also a mantra for life – sometimes we need to shift our perspective or make slight changes to find the right balance. This phrase embodies the idea that even small adjustments can have a big impact. In this article, we’ll explore what it means to take a step back and shift our focus just slightly in order to improve our lives and reach our goals.

A Little to the Left for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Official Site

The Nintendo Switch Eshop is home to many unique and creative titles, and one of the newest additions to the ever-growing list of titles is “A Little To The Left”. Developed by Loo-Keng Herng, this puzzle game will have you scratching your head as you try to maneuver a little square around different obstacles and traps with only one tap on the button.


In “A Little To The Left”, players control a little square that must be maneuvered around a series of mazes. The goal is to get the square from point A to point B using just one tap on the button. Players must pay close attention to every move they make, as levels can get increasingly challenging as they progress through the game. There are also various traps and obstacles that can impede your progress, so being precise is vital for success.

Each stage consists of 6 different levels where players must carefully navigate around traps and puzzles in order to reach their destination. Moving too quickly can lead to failure, so precision is key here. Minimizing mistakes will make it easier for players to navigate through each level with ease.

Graphics & Sound

“A Little To The Left” features colorful pixel art visuals that perfectly encapsulate its old school puzzle game charm. Background music adds an extra layer of atmosphere, making it more enjoyable for players who are looking for something a bit more relaxed than traditional puzzle games.

“A Little To The Left” makes use of minimal sound effects which adds an extra layer depth without overwhelming the senses or taking away from its charming visuals.</p

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