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Being a bad writer is a common fear for anyone who puts their thoughts onto paper or screen. It’s the nagging voice in our heads that tells us our ideas are boring, our writing lacks style or structure, and that we’ll never be able to create something worth reading. Yet, the truth is that many great writers started off as bad writers, and it’s through practice, persistence, and learning from mistakes that they became successful. In this article, we will explore what it means to be a “bad writer” and strategies for improving your writing skills.

Are You a Bad Writer, or Are You Just Making These 3 Mistakes? | LMD Agency

The Nintendo Switch eShop is home to a vast library of games, from well-known classics to indie gems, and one title that stands out in particular is the award-winning “Bad Writer”. Developed by OneSport Development and published by Nintendo, “Bad Writer” has received high praise for its unique exploration of the literary world, providing an entertaining and engaging story for all ages.


In “Bad Writer”, players play as the titular protagonist, a budding writer who sets out on a journey to become successful in the literary world. Along their way, they are faced with various obstacles such as writer’s block and a lack of inspiration. Throughout the game, players must use their creativity and imagination to progress through each level while overcoming these challenges. Along their quest, they will also interact with other writers who offer helpful advice or critiques on their work.

The story of “Bad Writer” explores many topics related to the creative process and literature such as finding motivation within oneself, dealing with criticism constructively, understanding the importance of feedback from others and appreciating one’s own work no matter how small it may be. These themes are presented in an interesting way which will provide plenty of opportunities for players to learn about writing along with having some moments of fun.

Visuals & Audio

“Bad Writer” features vibrant cartoon-style visuals which provide a bright atmosphere full of color and life. Each environment is filled with details that bring the story alive such as quaint bookstores or cozy cafes where characters can share ideas or offer critiques on each other’s work. The music is also fittingly whimsical consisting mostly acoustic instruments that help convey a sense of calmness when exploring each area.

“Bad Writer” also features

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