Blacksmith Forger

Blacksmith Forger is a skilled craftsman who shapes and forms metal into various tools, equipment, and decorative objects. The tradition of blacksmithing dates back to ancient times, where people used to rely heavily on the expertise of blacksmiths to produce weapons, armor, and household items. Blacksmiths are known for their unique ability to manipulate iron and steel by heating them in a forge and hammering them into shape. In this article, we will delve deeper into the art of blacksmithing, the training required for blacksmith forge work, their role in history, and the modern-day relevance of this ancient craft.

Lacombe & District Historical Society: Blacksmith Shop Museum

Blacksmith Forger is a fun and exciting role-playing game exclusively available on Nintendo Switch. Taking place in a fantasy world filled with thrilling danger and adventure, players take the role of a budding blacksmith who must use their skills to save the kingdom from certain destruction. With its unique crafting system, Blacksmith Forger is sure to be an entertaining and rewarding experience.


In Blacksmith Forger, players will take on the role of an aspiring blacksmith. Your task is to create powerful weapons for warriors to use in battle against evil forces threatening your kingdom. You must craft weapons such as swords, spears, and shields using various materials gathered throughout your journeys. As you progress through your quests, you’ll also have access to rare materials that can only be found by slaying monsters or by completing side-quests.

The game features a unique crafting system that allows you to customize the stats and appearance of each weapon you create. This makes the game incredibly enjoyable and replayable as you can experiment with different combinations of materials and weapon styles to create new weapons with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Graphics & Art Style

Blacksmith Forger features stunning 3D graphics with vibrant colours and detailed visual effects that bring life to its fantasy world. The character models are impressively designed as well, allowing for plenty of customisation options for players to choose from when creating their protagonist. Additionally, each area contains several interesting landmarks that add more depth to its visuals.

The game also has an impressive art style that perfectly captures the epic feel of its world. Each area is designed differently, offering great variety across its setting with sweeping landscapes painted in shades of blues and greens drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese artistry.

Story & Characters

Introduction to forge welding – basic blacksmithing
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