New Limited Time Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Distribution Event Announced

Attention all Pokemon trainers! Get ready for a brand new limited-time distribution event that’s sure to excite fans of all ages. The highly anticipated Pokemon Scarlet and Violet distribution event has been officially announced, giving players the chance to add two rare and powerful Pokemon to their collection. As part of this exciting event, players will have the opportunity to obtain both Scarlet and Violet throughout the duration of the promotion, which runs for a limited time only. So gather your Pokeballs, sharpen your skills, and get ready to catch ’em all!

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Announced At Anniversary Stream – ALT 105.1

Nintendo recently announced a new limited-time Pokemon Scarlet and Violet distribution event. This event will allow players to obtain the two special legendary Pokemon of the Kalos region. The event will mark the first time these Pokemon have been made available outside of the main games. This is sure to be exciting for fans who have been waiting for an opportunity to catch these rare monsters.

Event Details

The distribution event will take place from April 26th to May 5th, 2021. It will be available on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and the official Pokemon website. Players must use one of these platforms to redeem the download codes for Scarlet and Violet. The codes are only valid for North America and can only be used once.

Scarlet and Violet themselves are unaltered versions of their appearances in Pokemon X and Y, with no extra abilities or moves. However, they are equipped with a special Everstone that prevents them from evolving while they remain in a player’s possession.

Unique Rarity

This distribution event is unique due its rarity; it is believed that this is the first time Scarlet and Violet have been made available outside of their original games since their initial release in 2013. Furthermore, once players obtain them through this event, there may not be another chance in the future; making them an even more prized possession.

“Scarlet and Violet were two of my favorite legendary Pokémon when I first caught them back in 2013,” says long-time fan Sydney Oakeson. “I’m excited that they can finally become available again, albeit in limited quantities.”


The Scarlett and Violet distribution event marks an important moment in Pokemon history as it provides a rare opportunity for players

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