Metroid Dread All Amiibo Unlocks Every Compatible Metroid Amiibo

Metroid Dread, the latest release in the Metroid franchise, has been generating plenty of buzz among fans of the series. With its fast-paced gameplay, stunning graphics, and deep storylines, it is no surprise that players are eager to dive into this sci-fi adventure. But what makes this game even more exciting is that it’s compatible with a wide variety of amiibo figures. In this article, we will be exploring all the amiibo unlocks available in Metroid Dread and how every compatible Metroid amiibo can enhance your gaming experience. So sit back and get ready to discover all there is to know about Metroid Dread and its various amiibo unlocks!

Metroid Dread: All amiibo Unlocks – Every Compatible Metroid amiibo …

The Metroid Amiibo series has been one of the most beloved Nintendo franchises for decades. Not only does it have a strong, emotional story that features a skillful protagonist, but it also gives gamers the chance to interact with some of their favorite characters in meaningful ways. By unlocking new items and abilities through specific Amiibo use, Nintendo has allowed fans to experience even more from the Metroid universe. In 2021, Nintendo released Metroid Dread All Amiibo Unlocks Every Compatible Metroid Amiibo, allowing players to unlock even more content.

What is Metroid Dread All Amiibo Unlocks Every Compatible Metroid Amiibo?

Metroid Dread All Amiibo Unlocks Every Compatible Metroid Amiibo is a DLC pack released by Nintendo in 2021 which unlocks special items and abilities by using compatible amiibos. Players are able to access these special items when scanning an amiibo figure or card in-game and then using it to purchase specific content. The content included in the pack covers Samus Aran’s entire arsenal of weapons and abilities throughout her mission on planet Zebes, as well as giving players access to rare power ups like Hyper Mode and Super Missiles.

The inclusion of the amiibos into the game is an exciting way for fans of Metriod to experience a deeper connection with their favorite characters and explore new ways to interact with them. With over 30 compatible amiibos from different games across the franchise, players are able to build an entire collection of figures for use within their game session.

Notable features that can be unlocked

By scanning compatible amiibos in-game, players can unlock rare armor pieces like Missile Tank Boosters and Invincibility suits which provide extra power-ups

Metroid Dread: Amiibo Unboxing and in-game functionality
This is an unboxing of the two new Amiibos for the Metroid Dread game for the Nintendo Switch. The Samus Amiibo gives a bonus energy tank as a one time permanent upgrade and refills energy (up to one scan a day). The E.M.M.I. Amiibo gives a bonus missile + tank as a one time permanent upgrade and refills missiles (up to one scan a day). The …

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