Super Mario Furniture Is Coming To Animal Crossing New Horizons Next March

Fans of Super Mario and Animal Crossing, listen up! Nintendo has just announced that iconic furniture and decorations from the Super Mario series will be making their way to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March 2021. That’s right – players can soon expect to see familiar items like mushrooms, question blocks, and even a warp pipe in their island homes. The new update promises to bring a fun and nostalgic twist to the popular life simulation game, and fans are eagerly waiting for its release. So get ready to add some Super Mario flair to your virtual paradise – it’s going to be epic!

Super Mario Furniture Is Coming To Animal Crossing: New Horizons Next …

Nintendo fans are rejoicing with the announcement of a new collaboration between Super Mario and Animal Crossing New Horizons. Starting next March, fans of both franchises will be able to purchase a variety of furniture inspired by the classic Mario franchise for their Animal Crossing homes. This collaboration is an exciting development for Nintendo enthusiasts, allowing them to mix two beloved game universes into one harmonious creation.

Super Mario Furniture Lineup

Nintendo has revealed that the Super Mario Furniture line will include a range of furniture pieces inspired by iconic characters and settings from the franchise. This includes items like a Thwomps armchair, Koopa shells bed and Goomba head pillows. Additionally, there appears to be other decorations like potted Piranha plants, Fly Guys figurines and Piranha Creeper wallpaper. Players will also have access to familiar music with themes like “Ground Theme / Underground Theme” and “Underwater Theme” playing in their homes.

Animal Crossing Fan Response

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are thrilled about the upcoming Super Mario furniture items in their game. The Animal Crossing subreddit has been alight with discussion about what pieces fans want to add to their homes first and how they plan on styling them once they can get their hands on them. In addition, many players have expressed excitement at being able to combine two universes that they love so deeply in one space that can be personally customized for each player’s unique tastes.

Super Mario’s Lasting Appeal

The popularity of this crossover shows just how beloved Super Mario is by fans around the world even today, more than 30 years since its initial release in 1985. The franchise has remained popular due to its simple yet challenging gameplay that takes players on an adventure through fantastical worlds filled with imaginative creatures, obstacles and

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