Metal Unit

Metal Unit is a 2D action-packed adventure game that will take you on a thrilling journey, packed with challenging obstacles and heart-pumping action. Developed by JellySnow Studio, this game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity fights for survival against monstrous creatures who threaten to wipe them out. With an engaging storyline, captivating graphics, and an immersive gameplay experience, Metal Unit promises endless hours of fun and excitement to both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure as you step into the shoes of warrior Joanna and battle your way through hordes of enemies in this exhilarating game!

Metal Unit First Impressions –

The Metal Unit game, released on Nintendo Switch in 2020, has taken the gaming community by storm. It is a unique blend of classic arcade-style combat and role-playing elements set against a futuristic sci-fi backdrop. The game’s riveting story follows the journey of a group of soldiers as they battle their way through a seemingly endless horde of enemy forces. Fans of action-packed games will enjoy the fast and intense battles, while RPG fans can explore the branching storylines and deepen their understanding of the game’s world. In short, Metal Unit is an experience that should not be missed.


Metal Unit boasts a stunningly realistic visual display that immerses players in its futuristic world. From the detailed character models to vibrant lighting effects, every aspect is brought to life with incredible attention to detail. Every cutscene carries its own distinct style and atmosphere, allowing players to become further engaged in the story as it progresses. As for gameplay visuals, characters are animated fluidly and enemies explode into colorful bursts when defeated.

In addition to being visually pleasing, Metal Unit also manages to stay true to its sci-fi roots by introducing new environmental elements as well as interactive objects into more levels. From laser doors that must be hacked open to pulsing explosives in walls waiting to be detonated – these new features ensure that no two playthroughs will ever be exactly alike.


The core gameplay loop in Metal Unit revolves around tight combat sequences and epic boss battles – all set against an ever-changing backdrop of randomly generated levels. Whether you’re taking down hordes of enemies or fighting powerful robotic bosses – each battle offers up its own challenges and rewards that must be mastered if progress is to be made.

The game also utilizes a unique leveling

Metal Unit – Official Gameplay Trailer
Check out the latest gameplay trailer for Metal Unit, an anime-inspired pixel-art side-scrolling shoot-’em-up from developer Jellysnow and publisher Neowiz. Metal Unit is due for release on PC before the end of the year, with a Nintendo Switch version to follow. There’s a free playable demo available now on the Metal Unit Steam page: https …

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