Super Mario Run Now Allows You To Play One Stage For Free Each Day

Super Mario Run, the popular mobile game by Nintendo, has just released a new feature that allows players to enjoy one stage for free every day. This highly anticipated update has been well-received by gamers worldwide and aims to attract new players to the game. With millions of downloads since its initial release in 2016, Super Mario Run continues to captivate audiences with its classic gameplay and beloved characters. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting update and what it means for fans of the iconic franchise.

Super Mario Run Available For ‘Pre-Register’ On Android

Nintendo’s “Super Mario Run,” the wildly popular smartphone game crafted to reintroduce the Italian plumber’s classic platforming action to a new generation of players, recently announced a free trial that allows fans to play one stage per day without paying for the full version. This trial is exciting news for new and old fans alike, as it gives them a fantastic opportunity to take Mario on an adventure while still allowing Nintendo to receive compensation when players decide they want more content.

How Does It Work?

This offer works by allowing players access to one stage of their choosing from the game’s 24 levels. This will come in the form of a single ticket each day and can be used on any level regardless of whether or not it has been unlocked. As with most trials, this does come with some restrictions. The access does not include Toad Rally mode or Kingdom Builder mode, which are crucial components for progressing through the game.

That said, Nintendo has stated that the level changes daily so that players get a different experience each time they jump in. Alongside this offering, any coins collected during these stages can be used within other areas of Super Mario Run – adding another incentive for players to give it a shot.

Why Is Nintendo Doing This?

The primary reason behind this is likely due to Nintendo wanting an easier way to attract more people onto their platform. After all, if someone isn’t sure about paying for something before playing it then why not give them a taste beforehand? Plus, as with many freemium smartphone games nowadays – there are plenty of micro-transactions and purchaseable upgrades within Super Mario Run – as such giving people an opportunity to try out these features beforehand could be incredibly profitable and increase sales long term.


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