Hollow Knight Notch Upgrades And Charms Locations

Hollow Knight, the indie action-adventure game developed by Team Cherry, has been captivating players with its charming art style, challenging gameplay and intricate storyline since its release in 2017. One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the ability to upgrade your character’s abilities through Notch Upgrades and the use of Charms. These upgrades can be found throughout the vast and treacherous world of Hallownest, hidden in nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered. In this guide, we will explore some of the best locations to find Notch Upgrades and Charms to enhance your Hollow Knight experience.

Hollow Knight: Where To Find Every Charm Notches

Hollow Knight is a popular action-adventure game developed and released by Team Cherry in 2017. The game follows a knight who has been sent to explore the depths of Hallownest, an ancient kingdom filled with secrets. The game has been praised for its gripping story, expansive world, and challenging gameplay. One of the key features of Hollow Knight is its unique Notch Upgrades and Charms system, which allows players to customize their character’s abilities and gear. In this article, we’ll take a look at Notch Upgrades and Charms Locations in Hollow Knight as well as how they can be used to enhance your gaming experience.

Notch Upgrades

Notch Upgrades are special items that can be found throughout the game. These items can be used to upgrade different aspects of the protagonist’s abilities, such as health points or attack power. Notches are found in various locations inside caves or other hard-to-reach areas and grant different bonuses depending on which type they are. For example, there is an Iron Notch that increases health points by 20% while a Copper Notch increases attack power by 5%. While most Notches are found within secret caves or areas, some can also be purchased from NPCs.

Notches are important because they give players more freedom to customize their playthroughs according to their specific playstyle. With the right combination of Notches, players can make their character more powerful or give themselves an edge during certain boss fights. In addition, using certain combinations of Notches can open up new strategies that weren’t previously possible before.


In addition to Notches, Hollow Knight also features Items known as Charms. Unlike notches that offer permanent stat bonuses for your character, charms provide temporary

Hollow Knight- All Charm Notch Locations Guide
In Hollow Knight there are 8 bonus Charm Notches that can be found on top of your starting slots. In this video I am going to break down how to easily found every charm notch in Hollow Knight. How to find all 8 charm notches in Hollow Knight: 1. Sold by Salubra in Forgotten Crossroads for Geo‍120 (must have 5 charms) 2. Sold by Salubra in …

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