Dusk Diver

Dusk Diver is a thrilling action-packed game that takes you on an epic adventure through the bustling streets of Taipei, Taiwan. This game combines the elements of RPG and action to deliver an unforgettable experience to players. You are tasked with defending the city from dangerous supernatural threats that emerge during the night. The game boasts impressive graphics, a captivating storyline, and challenging combat system. With its unique blend of Taiwanese culture and urban fantasy, Dusk Diver is a must-play for fans of anime-inspired games. Get ready to enter a world full of danger, magic, and mystery in this amazing video game title.

Dusk Diver 2 for PS4, Switch launches February 24, 2022 in Japan …

Released in October, 2019, the Nintendo Switch game Dusk Diver is an action-RPG developed by JFI Games and published by Flyhigh Works. Set in the bustling shopping district of Ximending in Taiwan, players enter a vibrant world of side-scrolling battles and deep relationships with characters. Featuring exciting combo-based real-time combat and an intriguing story, Dusk Diver promises an immersive experience that supports both single player and multiplayer gameplay. Here is a comprehensive review of Dusk Diver on the Nintendo Switch.


Dusk Diver tells the story of Yang Yumo, who is suddenly thrust into battle after running into a mysterious girl who is being chased by monsters. Yumo’s adventure takes her all over Ximending as she teams up with powerful allies called Guardians to protect her home from the onslaught of demons seeking to invade the human realm. The story features the classic elements familiar to RPG enthusiasts: heroic battles against menacing opponents; clever strategy; unexpected twists and turns; and plenty of heart-warming moments throughout Yumo’s journey to save her hometown.

The narrative of Dusk Diver has been praised for its hilarious dialogue and relatable characters, who often contrast sharply with one another’s personalities allowing for lighthearted moments that break up into more serious plot points. In addition to its compelling main narrative, Dusk Diver also includes optional subplots that give players insight into why characters behave as they do while further developing the world they inhabit.


Gameplay in Dusk Diver involves traversing Ximending while completing various quests from everyday citizens which involve defeating enemies or gathering items for rewards. As you progress through quests in town, you will occasionally encounter mobs of monsters which initiate intense real-time battles complete with spectacular combos made possible through simple button controls. Work together with your character’s Guardians

Dusk Diver – Launch Trailer | PS4
Dusk Diver is a vibrant action RPG which takes place in the iconic streets of Taipei! Fight alongside guardians and utilise a unique action-orientated combat system to protect the neighbourhood from demons. Find out more here: Follow …

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