Get Serious About Fun With A Nintendo Of America Internship In 2022

Are you a video game enthusiast looking to turn your passion into a career? Look no further than the Nintendo of America internship program for 2022. This opportunity allows you to work alongside industry professionals and gain real-world experience in the video game industry. Not only will you develop your skills, but you’ll also have fun doing it! Get ready to take your love for gaming to the next level with this exciting internship program.

Get Serious About Fun With A Nintendo Of America Internship In 2022 …

Nintendo of America offers an exciting and unique internship program for 2022. The program promises to provide a fun and engaging learning experience, with the ultimate goal of fostering an appreciation for video games and their value as entertainment. Whether you’re interested in game development, marketing, or communications, Nintendo of America has something to offer. Here’s what you need to know about the program.

The Application Process

The application process for the Nintendo of America internships is straightforward. Interested applicants must submit a resume, cover letter, and one thoughtful response regarding why they’re passionate about video games. Applications will be evaluated based on overall qualifications and prior work experience. Once an applicant is accepted into the internship program, they will begin their journey by completing a comprehensive orientation designed to introduce them to the company.

Work Experience & Growth

Once accepted into the internship program with Nintendo of America, interns can expect to gain valuable insight into the gaming industry. They may find themselves contributing to product development or exploring marketing strategies through research and analysis. Interns may also have opportunities to engage in public relations activities and assist with product launches. During their internship experience, interns are expected to develop skills that can help them excel in their future career paths.

In addition to work experience, Nintendo of America also provides its interns with professional development resources and networking opportunities throughout their time with the company. All interns are encouraged to attend lectures presented by experienced professionals in relevant fields within gaming industry as well as participate in social activities that can help bolster resumes.

Benefits & Opportunities

Internships at Nintendo of America come with many benefits such as a competitive stipend that puts money aside for travel expenses incurred during intern events or meetings.

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