Disney Speedstorm Characters Every Racer Revealed So Far

Disney’s new mobile racing game, Speedstorm, has got fans of the franchise excited with its unique mechanics and intuitive gameplay. The game features a host of beloved Disney characters, all ready to race each other in high-speed competitions. From classic Disney icons like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, to modern-day favorites such as Elsa from Frozen and Moana from Moana, Disney Speedstorm has something for everyone. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at all the characters revealed so far in Disney Speedstorm and what they bring to the racing table. So buckle up and get ready to meet your favorite Disney characters in a racing setting like never before.

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Nintendo has recently announced Disney Speedstorm as a new car racing game. Combining the famed characters from Disney and Pixar, the game will offer exciting racing experiences. Currently, there are already multiple characters competing in the races. To get you acquainted with all of the racers in Disney Speedstorm, here is a comprehensive summary of every racer revealed so far.

Lightning McQueen

Staring as the main character of Cars, this sleek red racer is Lightning McQueen. He’s got plenty of experience competing in races, and he’s always up for a challenge. Known for his speed and quick reflexes, Lightning McQueen is sure to be one of Disney Speedstorms top competitors. Additionally, he also brings plenty of charm and personality to the track that is sure to make any race more exciting.

Lightning McQueen isn’t just experienced in racing; he has also starred in countless movies over the years! He’s been featured in three movies so far; Cars 1&2 and Planes 1&2. His most notable moment was when he competed in two prestigious California races against some of the world’s best drivers.


The lovable tow truck Mater always has something funny or clever to say! He’s always ready for an adventure or a new competition no matter what it is. In Disney Speedstorms, Mater will be using his signature wit and charm to entertain fans while also zooming around racetracks with lightning-fast speeds.

Mater has starred alongside Lightning McQueen in all three Cars movies thus far but has also made appearances in some other media as well. Recently, Mater had his own TV show called Mater’s Tall Tales where fans

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