Hokko Life

Hokko Life is an upcoming life simulation game that is set to take the gaming world by storm. Developed by Wonderscope and published by Team17, this game offers a unique experience in which players can create their own dream world from scratch. With an extensive range of customization options and a variety of activities to engage in, Hokko Life promises to offer gamers endless hours of fun and enjoyment. Whether you’re a fan of the life simulation genre or simply looking for something new, Hokko Life is definitely worth keeping an eye out for. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into what makes this game so special and explore some of the key features that make it stand out from other games in its category.

Hokko Life on Steam


Hokko Life is a unique and engaging game that has been developed by the Japanese gaming giant Nintendo. It is a town-building simulator in which the player takes on the role of mayor and helps develop their own bustling community of animals, businesses, and activities. The game takes place in the idyllic setting of the Hokkaido region of Japan, which has its own distinctive culture and aesthetic. Players must build up the economy of their own small village or town by creating buildings, businesses, and attractions for villagers to enjoy. They will also be able to customize their own character with hundreds of clothing options, as well as hairstyles and accessories. In addition to this, players are encouraged to socialize with other villagers by hosting events or taking part in activities such as fishing or farming.


Hokko Life gameplay is fairly straightforward yet highly engaging. Players are given a selection of buildings that they can construct within their village; businesses such as cafes and boutiques can be opened to attract more customers while areas such as parks can be built to provide leisure activities for villagers. Taxes may also be collected from villagers in order to generate revenue for building projects. As mayor, players must manage relations between different groups within the village – this may include trade deals with merchants from neighbouring villages or dealing with complaints from local residents about noise levels.

The most enjoyable aspect of Hokko Life’s gameplay lies in its freedom for creative expression; players can customize their entire village however they like through building design choices, decorations, colour palettes etc., creating an environment that reflects their individual style. Additionally, each villager’s personality will affect how they interact with others – some may become lifelong friends while others may be hostile towards strangers.


Hokko Life – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch
Hokko Life is available now on Nintendo Switch: Step off the train into the town of Hokko and get settled into your new home! This quiet village needs your help to turn it into the charming rural town everyone loves. With hammer and paints in hand it’s up to you to design, build and …

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