Animal Crossing New Horizons Mahi Mahi Where When And How To Catch The Rare Mahi Mahi

Animal Crossing New Horizons is an addictive and thrilling game where players can create their own island paradise, catch fish, and interact with talking animals. One of the most sought-after fish in the game is the Mahi Mahi, which can be quite difficult to catch. In this guide, we will take a closer look at where to find the Mahi Mahi, when you can catch it, and the best strategies for catching this rare fish. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out on your island adventure, read on to learn more about how to catch the elusive Mahi Mahi.

How to Find (& Catch) Mahi-Mahi in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most recent installment of Nintendo’s long-running series and is an incredibly popular game. One of the most desirable items in the game are rare fish and insects, with one of the hardest to find being the Mahi Mahi. Here we will explain where, when and how to catch a Mahi Mahi in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Where to Find a Mahi Mahi?

Mahi Mahis can be found by fishing in sea waters on your island, as well as surrounding islands. They are quite rare and so it might take some time before one appears, so it’s best to explore multiple different islands if you want to maximize your chances of finding one. When looking for a Mahi Mahi keep an eye out for any shadow that appears in the water – this could be your chance to catch a very rare fish!

You should also not forget about visiting friends’ island or using Nook Miles tickets – by doing this you can encounter new species that would not appear on your own island. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different rivers, lakes, beach spots or even oceans as you might have luck catching a very rare species from somewhere you wouldn’t expect.

When To Look For A Mahi-Mahi?

According to many experienced players, mid-afternoon is usually the best time to look for a Mahi-Mahi during summer months. Some reports suggest that during this part of day they appear much more often than usual. During other seasons they can appear throughout day but more frequently during morning and evening hours.

It is worth noting that you will have better chances catching it on windy days (as

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