It Takes Two

“It Takes Two” is a phrase commonly used to describe the power of collaboration and teamwork. It emphasizes the idea that two individuals working together can achieve more than they could alone. This concept extends far beyond just personal relationships, as it applies to various aspects of life such as business, sports, and politics. At its core, “It Takes Two” highlights the importance of cooperation and communication in achieving success. In this essay, we will explore how this concept is manifested in different contexts and why it remains a key factor in achieving our goals.

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It Takes Two is one of the newest and most exciting titles to come out for the Nintendo Switch in 2020. Developed by Hazelight Studios, the game has been a huge hit, with critics citing it as a must-play experience. It Takes Two is an adventure puzzle game that follows two unlikely protagonists, May and Cody, as they journey to save their broken marriage. With its beautiful animation, charming characters, and innovative puzzle-solving mechanics, it’s easy to see why this game has been so successful.


The story of It Takes Two follows May and Cody as their marriage falls apart. When their daughter Rose performs a mysterious ritual involving two wooden dolls that resemble her parents, May and Cody are suddenly transformed into dolls themselves. To make things worse, they realize they’ve become trapped in Rose’s magical world and must face many perils before they can return to their own world unscathed. Along the way they encounter many strange creatures who have all been affected by Rose’s powers in some way. It soon becomes apparent that Rose is trying to use her magic to help her parents reconnect with each other.

Throughout the adventure players follow May and Cody as they work together to overcome various obstacles while trying to repair their relationship in the process. The narrative is filled with plenty of lighthearted moments thanks to the comical dialogue between May and Cody. Even though there are moments of seriousness throughout the story, It Takes Two still manages to be an overall uplifting experience.


The gameplay of It Takes Two revolves around solving puzzles using different gadgets that allow players to interact with each other’s character or manipulate objects in the environment such as movable platforms or projectiles which you can use together cooperatively or competitively depending on the situation at hand

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