Upcoming Metroidvania Deathstick Is Changing Its Name To Akatori

The highly anticipated Metroidvania game, Deathstick, has announced a name change to Akatori. Developed by indie studio, Lone Bee, this black and white pixel art adventure has been generating buzz in the gaming community since its initial announcement. With an emphasis on exploration and platforming mechanics, Akatori promises to deliver an immersive experience for players. Let’s dive in and see what this name change may mean for the game’s development and future success in the industry.

Upcoming Metroidvania DeathStick Is Changing Its Name To Akatori …

The upcoming Metroidvania game, Deathstick, is changing its name to Akatori. This change has been met with excitement as gamers eagerly await the game’s launch. As a result of the rebranding, there have been many questions about how it will affect the game. Here is a look at what to expect from the name change and why it was made.

What is Metroidvania?

Metroidvania is an action-adventure which combines elements of platforming, exploration and non-linear gameplay. It originated in Japan with Nintendo’s Metroid franchise, but has since evolved into a popular genre among many gaming platforms. In Metroidvania games, players explore an interconnected world while collecting weapons, abilities and other items that help them progress through levels or complete objectives.

Deathstick was set to be one of the first major Metroidvania titles on Steam. It had already gained a lot of attention for its unique art style and innovative use of traps as part of its combat system.

Rebranding for Akatori

Developer Catturastudio recently announced that Deathstick would be changing its name to Akatori. According to Catturastudio’s Creative Director Michele Mazzucco, the change was made in order to better reflect the vibrancy and uniqueness of the game’s world.

“We believe that ‘Akatori’ suits our vision for the game more accurately,” said Mazzucco. “The new title conveys a feeling of adventure and discovery that captures what makes our game so special.”

What Does this Mean For Players?</h2

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