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Dark Dungeon Crawler Mistover Being Removed From Sale At End Of June

Mistover, the popular dark dungeon crawler video game developed by KRAFTON Game Union, is set to be removed from sale at the end of June. The announcement has come as a surprise to gamers who have become immersed in the atmospheric and challenging gameplay of Mistover. With its intricate strategy and engaging storyline, Mistover has become a fan-favorite among RPG enthusiasts. As gamers prepare to say goodbye to this beloved title, many are left wondering what led to its removal from sale.
Dark Dungeon-Crawler ‘Mistover’ Being Removed From Sale At End Of June …

Nintendo has announced that the dark dungeon crawler, Mistover, will be removed from sale at the end of June. The game was released in October 2019 and was developed by Krafton Game Union. Mistover is a unique and challenging RPG experience, blending exploration and strategy together with deep character customization.

Reasons for Removal

Many players have expressed their disappointment about the game’s removal from sale. While Nintendo hasn’t provided a specific reason for the game’s removal, it is likely due to declining sales. According to Nintendo’s financial reports, Mistover sold a total of 305 thousand copies during its first year on the market – significantly lower than many other titles.

The lack of post-launch content has also been cited as a contributing factor to Mistover’s lackluster sales performance. The developers originally planned to release additional content throughout 2020 but have since fallen silent on updates or DLC for the game. This could explain why players are losing interest in the title.

Community Response

Fans of Mistover have voiced their sadness over the news via Reddit and other forums. Many players consider Mistover one of the best dungeon crawlers ever made and believe this premature cancellation is undeserved. Players feel that if more post-launch content was released, such as dungeons or challenges, it would have had a positive impact on sales.

“I’m really sad about this because I think it was an amazing game,” said one Reddit user. “It has some unique ideas that I don’t think we’ve seen in any other RPG out there – so much potential wasted.” Others stressed how they would miss playing with friends online; while some lamented not being able to unlock all characters before the end of June.

Final Thoughts

Mistover – Launch Trailer | PS4
MISTOVER, the roguelike dungeon crawler RPG from KRAFTON Game Union (PUBG) is available now on PS4! More info at: Follow MISTOVER at: DANGEROUS DUNGEONS AWAIT Featuring a striking art style that draws from both Western and Asian influences, MISTOVER is a roguelike dungeon crawler RPG …

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