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Lego Brawls is an action-packed multiplayer game created by Lego and Red Games Co. with a twist on classic gaming characters. It introduces a new world where Lego figurines are transformed into fierce warriors ready to battle it out for ultimate supremacy. With customizable weaponry and distinct power-ups, players can equip themselves for maximum destruction as they navigate through a variety of intricate levels all designed within the iconic, colorful Lego universe. Whether playing solo or in teams, Lego Brawls offers an intense and engaging gameplay experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

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Released in late 2020, Lego Brawls is an action-packed and daring game developed by Red Games and published by Lego. It has quickly become one of the most popular games on Nintendo Switch, and has received critical acclaim from both critics and players alike. The game features a unique combination of collectible card battling and real-time multiplayer action with an animated Lego-esque art style. In this review article, I will provide a comprehensive look at several key aspects of the game: the story mode, characters, gameplay mechanics, customization options, graphics/soundtrack, and replayability.

Story Mode

Lego Brawls’ story mode takes players through an expansive world full of exciting missions that chronicle the adventures of four heroes who must overcome various obstacles in order to save their island home from mysterious villains. Although the narrative isn’t particularly deep or engaging, it serves as a fun way to introduce players to the various characters, settings and mechanics of the game. Each mission rewards experience points which can be used to level up your character’s stats and unlock new abilities.

The story mode also introduces gamers to some interesting puzzles which help break up the monotony associated with fighting waves of enemies on various levels. These puzzles range in difficulty but are relatively straightforward; they usually require you to manipulate blocks or other pieces in order to reach rewards or progress further into the mission.


In Lego Brawls players will find a roster of ten characters to choose from; each character has their own unique set of abilities which make them well suited for certain playstyles. For example, Wyldstyle is great for ranged combat as she wields two weapons that can fire projectiles from afar; whereas Unikitty is ideal for close quarters combat due to her high speed attacks.

LEGO Brawls – Launch Trailer
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