Animal Crossing Partition Walls How To Add Partitions Counters And Pillars In Happy Home Paradise Dlc

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise DLC has added more features and customization options to the game. One of the exciting new additions is the partition walls, which allow players to divide up space in their homes and buildings. With this new feature, you can create multiple rooms or areas within one space and add counters and pillars to enhance the overall design. In this article, we will discuss how to add partitions, counters, and pillars in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise DLC. So let’s get started!

Animal Crossing Partition Walls – How To Add Partitions, Counters, And …

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise is a great way to create a virtual paradise in your home. The game comes with a great selection of furniture and accessories to choose from, but there is also the ability to add partitions, counters, and pillars as part of the downloadable content (DLC) that’s available. If you’re looking to add a bit more variety to your Animal Crossing paradise, here’s how you can add partitions, counters, and pillars.


Adding partitions is an easy way to divide up space in your Animal Crossing home. You can use them to separate different rooms or just create an interesting look in any area. To get started with partitions, purchase the Partitions Set DLC from the Nook Stop kiosk. The set comes with eight different partition patterns that you can place on any wall throughout your home. Once placed on a wall, you’ll have three sizes of walls that come in straight lines or diagonal shapes.

Using partitions will allow you to create multiple rooms within one space while still allowing furniture and décor items to be seen from each room. You can mix and match different wallpaper or flooring for each room if you’d like as well. As an added bonus, all partition pieces are removable so you can rearrange or switch out designs when needed.


Counters are also available as part of Happy Home Paradise DLC and allow for more functional furniture pieces in your virtual paradise. The Counter Set includes five wooden countertops as well as two marble ones that come in different sizes depending on the item being used on top of them .For example, tables could be placed on top of larger counters while smaller items like lamps could be placed on top of smaller counters.

Using counters adds another

How to use NEW PARTITIONS, PILLARS & COUNTERS in your Interiors!! // Animal Crossing New Horizons
In this video I am going to be showing you all how you can incorporate the new partitions, pillars & counters into your interior builds and make them look fabulous!! I have ten different ideas for you to get inspired. You can use these in your home or on Happy Home Paradise for your vacationers! My details: 🌼 Twitter: …

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