Animal Crossing New Horizons Sable How To Make Friends With Sable And Get New Custom Patterns From Able Sisters

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken the world by storm since its release in March 2020, with players worldwide immersing themselves in the peaceful island life. One of the best parts of playing this game is building relationships with your adorable animal neighbors, but have you ever thought about befriending the hard-working Able Sisters? In particular, Sable is a fan-favorite and often overlooked character. In this article, we’ll share tips on how to make friends with Sable and get new custom patterns from the Able Sisters. Get ready to customize your island paradise like never before!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Sable – How To Make Friends With Sable …

Animal Crossing New Horizons has captivated players of all ages with its charming world, colorful characters, and peaceful activities. One beloved character that has become a fan favorite is Sable, the sweet and shy younger sister of the Able sisters tailor shop. Sable is known for her love of sewing, which she shares with the player every day in her store. Players can also make friends with Sable in order to get new custom patterns from her for their clothing items. In this article we will discuss how to make friends with Sable and get new custom patterns from Able Sisters.

Talking To Sable

Making friends with Sable starts with simply talking to her every day when you visit the store. She will usually greet you warmly and may talk about her sister Mabel or share a sewing project she is working on. Listening to what she has to say and engaging in conversation will help build your friendship status with Sable. Pay attention to what she likes or dislikes so that you can talk about that topic when you come back another day. Connecting with Sable in this way will help build up a strong relationship.

Players can also show their support for Sable by displaying any clothing they buy from the store in their home or painting it on a wall as decoration. Showing appreciation for any custom designs players receive will also give them more points towards building a friendship status with Sable.

Getting New Patterns From Able Sisters

When players reach a certain level of friendship status with Sable, they may receive new custom patterns from both sisters at the store as rewards. This is an exciting way for players to dress up their villagers or use these designs as inspiration for creating their own designs for clothes by using Able Sister’s custom pattern feature.

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