City Connection Ceo Apologises For Delay Of Game Paradise Physical Release On Switch

The CEO of City Connection, a Japanese game developer and publisher, has issued an apology regarding the delayed physical release of their latest game, “Game Paradise: CruisinMix Special,” on Nintendo Switch. The company’s CEO recognizes the frustration fans are experiencing and takes responsibility for the delays that have pushed back the release date. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the reasons behind the delay and what City Connection is doing to rectify the situation.

City Connection CEO Apologises For Delay Of ‘Game Paradise’ Physical …

During the height of the pandemic, City Connection CEO Hiroyuki Takami has announced his apology for the delay of the release of their game “Paradise” for the Switch. The game had originally been slated for a physical release on August 6th, but due to production and manufacturing issues caused by Covid-19, the release date was pushed back to October 1st.

Covid-19 Impact

The impact of Covid-19 on business operations has been hard felt across industries, and gaming companies are no exception. With production and manufacturing delays that have delayed multiple games released this year, City Connection CEO Hiroyuki Takami told reporters a few weeks ago that he fully understood fans’ frustrations over their delay in releasing “Paradise” for the Switch. He also noted that they were doing all they could to meet the October 1st deadline.

He further explained that while there were many factors out of their control due to Covid-19, he still wanted to apologize for not being able to meet customer expectations. This sentiment was echoed by other developers and publishers who have had to make similar apologies due to Covid-related delays.

Industry Support

Despite these delays, many members in the gaming community have expressed support for City Connection and other companies affected by Covid-19 related supplier delays. A statement from Nintendo PR said: “We understand how difficult it is in this industry right now with supply chain disruptions…we’re doing our best to work with developers and suppliers on our end in order to make sure customers are able to enjoy great experiences as soon as possible.”

This sentiment has been echoed across both console makers like Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox alike as well

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