Lumo is a game that has been garnering attention in the gaming community for its unique concept and exceptional execution. Developed by Triple Eh? Ltd and published by Rising Star Games, Lumo is a critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer that offers a nostalgic experience to players of all ages. This game takes inspiration from classic games of the 80s and 90s and successfully incorporates modern-day graphics, sound, and gameplay mechanics to create an engaging experience for its players. Lumo’s retro aesthetic coupled with its innovative design makes it one of the most exciting games available in the market today.

Lumo Review – Review – Nintendo World Report

The Nintendo Switch game Lumo is a charming, puzzle-filled adventure that has been capturing the hearts of gamers since it was released in October 2016. Set in a beautiful pixel art world filled with colorful characters and clever puzzles, this game invites players to explore its world and discover its secrets. It’s an incredibly fun and engaging game that can appeal to players of all ages.


Lumo is a 2D platformer where you control a character who must navigate through various levels by solving puzzles, collecting coins, and interacting with various characters. You’ll start off by exploring an ever-changing castle full of secrets waiting to be uncovered. As you progress through the game’s 50+ levels, you’ll gain access to new environments and uncover more secrets hidden within the castle walls.

The controls are simple: press left or right on the analog stick to move your character, press A or B on the controller buttons to jump or interact with objects. Additionally, you can use the shoulder buttons on each side of the controller to perform special moves like wall jumps or double jumps. The game also utilizes the gyroscopic controls found on the Nintendo Switch console; these are used mostly for precision platforming sections where you need pinpoint accuracy with your movements.


Lumo follows protagonist Nova as he attempts to unravel the mystery behind his missing parents. While exploring different rooms within the castle walls he discovers “the Grid” which is an alternate dimension filled with colorful pixels inhabited by creatures both friendly and hostile alike.

As Nova continues his search he meets AI-controlled characters who give him clues about what happened to his parents and help him along his journey as well as fierce bosses that challenge him both mentally and emotionally throughout his quest. As he unve

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