My Singing Monsters Playground

My Singing Monsters Playground is an exciting mobile game that combines music with monster collection and breeding. Developed by Big Blue Bubble, the game has gained immense popularity among gamers of all ages since its release in 2012. The game revolves around creating and customizing a monster island, where players can collect and breed different types of monsters to create a unique musical ensemble. With vibrant graphics, catchy tunes, and endless possibilities for customization, My Singing Monsters Playground is an addictive and entertaining game that keeps players engaged for hours on end.

My Singing Monsters Playground Review: A Fun Multiplayer Experience

My Singing Monsters Playground is an exciting and interactive video game from Big Blue Bubble, designed for the Nintendo Switch. The game boasts beautiful animations and tons of fun-filled activities that kids can enjoy. It also has a unique premise: to turn your island into a bustling playground full of singing monsters. So what makes My Singing Monsters Playground so special? Here is an in-depth review that covers all aspects of this delightful game.


My Singing Monsters Playground puts players in charge of their own islands, with the task to create a fun and vibrant playground for singing monsters. Players can choose from a variety of activities which include building, crafting, decorating, and playing mini games that progress the story. Additionally, players have access to an in-game store where they can purchase items to customize their islands. All these choices give the player endless opportunities for creativity and customization.

The controls are easy-to-use, allowing even young children to easily navigate their way through the game. Furthermore, each activity is shown through attractive cartoon visuals which bring life to every task undertaken by players.

Sound Design

One of My Singing Monsters Playground’s unique features is its sound design. As players build their island and attract more monsters, each monster will start singing its own song – giving life to this whimsical world. The selection of music includes cheerful tunes such as “In The Sun” and “Tutti Frutti” – sure to put a smile on every player’s face.

The depth of sound design within the game should also be lauded; it’s not just about catchy songs but rather a full fledged audio experience that truly brings out the playful nature of this game. Whether it

My Singing Monsters Playground – Launch Trailer | PS4
AVAILABLE NOW — It’s the Singing Monsters like you’ve never seen them before! Journey to the Monster World to take part in a tournament of Monster-Game madness! Watch your favorite Monsters come to life as you swing, fling, and spring your way to victory in a variety of 4-player competitions. Grab your friends and hit the Playground to see …

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