Songs For A Hero Is A Musical Rpg Where The Soundtrack Narrates Your Actions

Songs For A Hero is a unique gaming experience that connects musical beats with your in-game actions. This musical RPG allows you to control the story with rhythm and melody. Every step you take, every monster you defeat, and every obstacle you overcome is narrated by the game’s infectious soundtrack. Songs For A Hero provides a new dimension of immersion in the game, making it an exciting adventure for everyone who loves music and video games. In this article, we will explore the captivating features that make Songs For A Hero stand out from other RPGs in the market.

Songs For A Hero Is A Musical RPG Where The Soundtrack Narrates Your …

The Nintendo Switch has seen many innovative games over its lifespan. One of the most recent additions to the Nintendo library is Songs for a Hero, an RPG where the soundtrack narrates your actions. Developed by Espella Ltd. and published by Level 92 Entertainment, this game stands out due to its unique use of music in gameplay.

Gameplay Basics

Songs for a Hero is a turn-based RPG, where victory is based on strategy and resource management. Players take on the role of a hero who must save their village from an ancient evil. Along the way they will need to gather allies, build up their skills, and traverse dangerous dungeons.

The key feature of Songs for a Hero is its musical narrative. As players make choices in-game, special musical cues play that change according to their decisions. For example, if players attempt to recruit new allies while exploring a dungeon, the background music will shift from intense battle music to more optimistic melodies.


Songs for a Hero features an original soundtrack composed by award-winning composer Dan Pugsley. The soundtrack consists of five distinct themes: action, adventure, tension, exploration and mystery — all designed to serve as narrative companions during gameplay.

“My goal was to create a soundscape that could change with every decision made in-game,” Pugsley said in an interview about the game’s soundtrack. “I think it adds another layer of immersion that helps elevate this game.”


Since its release on November 9th 2020 Songs for A Hero has been met with mostly positive reviews from critics and fans alike. On Metacritic it currently holds an ‘Overall’ score of 74/100 based on

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