Community Pokemon Go Friend Codes Share Yours Here To Gain Easy Xp

Looking for a quick and easy way to level up in Pokémon Go? Look no further than your fellow trainers in the community! Sharing friend codes with other players is a great way to gain valuable XP, earn rewards, and even unlock new Pokémon. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, there’s always someone out there who’s looking for new friends to add to their roster. So why not join the fun and share your friend code with others? In this post, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to find and share your friend code with other trainers, as well as discussing some of the benefits of making new friends in the world of Pokémon Go. So grab your phone and prepare to enter a whole new world of adventure!

Community: Pokémon GO Friend Codes – Share Yours Here To Gain Easy XP …

Pokemon Go has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon, transforming the streets of cities and towns everywhere into real-life battlefields. Players have been able to capture, train, and battle wild creatures along their journey, though one important feature was missing – the ability for players to challenge friends. Fortunately, a recent update finally introduced friendship between players through the use of friend codes. Community Pokemon Go friend codes are being shared all over the internet making it easier than ever for players to gain experience points and fill gaps in their teams.

Building a Friends List

Getting started with Community Pokemon Go friend codes is easy. All you need to do is open your friends list in your app and click on Add Friend. From there you can type your own personal code into the field or search for someone else’s code. Sharing your own code is encouraged so that people can find you more easily, though it is important to be mindful of any safety concerns when doing so. Once both players have each other’s codes saved they will appear on each other’s lists as “Best Friends”. This opens up new opportunities for rewards and battles.

Rewards and Benefits

Once friends are added through Community Pokemon Go friend codes there are many different rewards that can be gained from them. For example, having a Best Friend will award each player 50 XP a day as well as extra Candy when catching a Pokemon together. In addition to XP gains there are also bonuses towards completing research tasks such as double Stardust or double Candy rewards from Field Research Tasks completed together with Best Friends.

Even more interestingly is the fact that helping your Best Friend will also give you access to exclusive rewards like better versions of certain items such as Great balls or rare berries which could prove invaluable during battle situations.


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