Metroid Dread - Every Power Bomb Tank Location

Metroid Dread Power Bomb Location How To Power Bomb

Metroid Dread has arrived and with it comes a brand new adventure for Samus Aran. The latest installment in the Metroid series has left fans eager to explore the dangerous planet of ZDR and uncover its secrets. One of the most valuable tools in Samus’s arsenal is the Power Bomb, but locating it in Metroid Dread can be a challenge. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at how to obtain and use this powerful ability, as well as where to find the Metroid Dread Power Bomb location. So grab your suit and let’s dive into the world of Metroid Dread!
Metroid Dread Unknown Resource Explained

The Metroid Dread Power Bomb is an incredibly powerful weapon that can be found in the game as part of Samus Aran’s arsenal. It has the ability to demolish walls and take out multiple enemies at once, making it a deadly ally in Samus’ battles against the Space Pirates. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Power Bomb, its location in the game, and how to use it effectively.


The Power Bomb is located inside of a hidden room in Sector 4 on the BSL vessel. To get to this room you must first make your way through Sector 4 and find an area with two large doors that are blocked with yellow bars. To unblock these doors you must blast away with your Plasma Beam primary weapon until both of them are cleared. Once this has been done, head into the newly accessible room to pick up your Power Bomb.

Additionally, you can also find them scattered throughout many of the game’s other levels including Sector 4A on Chozo Ruins and inside Chozodia. You will know when a Power Bomb is nearby as they are usually located close to special doorways or passages that are only opened by using a Power Bomb.

PowerBomb Mechanics

The mechanics behind using a PowerBomb work very differently from regular weapons. Firing off one requires Samus to charge her Plasma Beam and then release it at the same time as detonating her bomb supply. This triggers an explosion that has much larger range than most weapons and can destroy nearby walls or obstacles.

If Samus is facing hordes of enemies she can use her PowerBomb for devastating effect either by throwing one directly onto them or by using it near them since its explosion radiates outwards. However this requires precise

Metroid Dread – Every Power Bomb Tank Location
We show you the location of every Power Bomb upgrade in Metroid Dread on Nintendo Switch. Power Bomb upgrades increase the amount of Power Bombs Samus can hold. It is easiest to acquire them in the order we show you here. 00:00 – Intro 00:10 – Artaria Power Bomb Tank #1 00:36 – Cataris Power Bomb Tank #1 00:50 – Cataris Power Bomb Tank #2 01:25 …

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