Random You Can Now Buy A Real Life Mario Kart And We Want One

Are you a fan of Mario Kart? Have you ever wanted to experience the racing game in real life? Well, now you can! Random, a Japanese company, has brought the dream of having a real-life Mario Kart into reality. The company has created an actual Mario Kart inspired by the popular video game that we all love. The opportunity to drive around in a go-kart with your friends dressed as Mario, Luigi or Princess Peach is now possible. It is no wonder that people all over the world are excited about this news and we sure want one too!
Random: You Can Now Buy A Real-Life Mario Kart And We Want One – STEAM …

Nintendo fans and gaming enthusiasts have some exciting news now that they can buy a real life Mario Kart. Mario Kart, the iconic racing game from Nintendo, is now becoming a reality with the launch of the Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan. This ride will take guests to a world of colorful characters and hidden secrets as they explore the Mushroom Kingdom and its courses on a life-sized kart. And what’s more? This Mario Kart is now available for purchase!

The Super Nintendo World Theme Park

Japan’s Universal Studios will be home to the first ever Super Nintendo World theme park, which opened its doors this summer. The park has been designed to bring all the elements of the popular racing game series to life, including iconic characters and tracks. Guests will experience an immersive adventure through warp pipes, Mushroom Kingdom shortcuts, explosions of color from favorite characters’ power-ups, and much more! Customers won’t just get to ride in karts that look like they were ripped straight out of the game; they can also buy them as well.

This new theme park has drawn immense interest from around the world with people keen on experiencing this enthralling new attraction. According to official reports from Universal Studios Japan, over 3 million people visited during its opening week alone.

The Real Life Mario Kart Experience at Home

Nintendo fans everywhere are in for another treat as it was recently announced that customers can now purchase their very own real-life Mario Kart experience at home for over ¥300000 (approximately $3000 USD). The kit includes two electric go-karts resembling real-life versions of Mario or Luigi’s vehicles along with several accessories like helmets and remote controls.

“We wanted to create something truly special for all fans

Scrap the Mario Kart ride, you can buy a real-life Mario Kart Kart to drive around in! #shorts

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