Star Wars Kotor Ii Switch Dlc Appears To Have Missed Its Release Window

The highly anticipated Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords Switch DLC was set to release last year, but fans are still waiting for any official announcement. The release date was initially planned for 2020, but it seems to have missed its window. Die-hard fans of the KOTOR franchise have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this DLC, and with no news from the developers or publishers, fans are beginning to worry if they will ever get their hands on it. In this article, we’ll delve into the current state of affairs surrounding the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords Switch DLC and what we can expect in the future.

Star Wars: KOTOR II Switch DLC Appears To Have Missed Its Release …

Nintendo fans are buzzing about the recently announced Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II (KOTOR II) DLC for the Switch. The DLC was scheduled to be released on October 6, however, it appears to have missed its release window. This has left many gamers feeling uncertain about when they can expect to experience this great game on their Switch.

Release Date Delay

It is unclear as to why the release of KOTOR II‘s DLC was delayed. Some speculate that it may have been pushed back due to technical issues, while others suggest it has something to do with a lack of marketing support from Nintendo. Regardless of the cause, fans are now in limbo as they wait for an update on the game’s availability.

Many KOTOR II aficionados have taken to social media in order express their disappointment with the delay and request an official statement from Nintendo regarding when they can expect to play. As one fan put it, “I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for KOTOR II! When is it coming out?” Many agree with this sentiment and are eagerly awaiting any news from Nintendo regarding a potential new release date.


Despite the recent delay, there is still much excitement surrounding the Switch version of KOTOR II. Players will be able to experience all that was offered in the original version of KOTOR II such as a deep storyline with multiple choices that will determine your character’s fate, new characters and plotlines exclusive to this version, and an improved graphical style that suits perfectly with its 8-bit roots.

The game will also allow players more control than ever before through updated combat mechanics and customizable characters to create unique experiences for each playthrough. These features give long-time fans

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