16 Unreleased NES Games - These could have been Classics

Random Have You Seen This Cute Unreleased Precursor To The Top Loader Nes

Random Have You Seen This Cute Unreleased Precursor To The Top Loader Nes

Nintendo is a company that has been innovating the world of gaming for decades. They have continuously released new consoles and devices that have captivated the hearts of gamers worldwide. One console, in particular, that Nintendo released back in 1985 was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was a groundbreaking console that transformed the gaming industry and introduced us to some of the most iconic characters and games of all time. However, what many people may not know is that before the release of the NES, there was an earlier prototype known as the NES-101 or “Top Loader.” But did you know that there was also a cute unreleased precursor to this legendary console? Let’s take a closer look at this little-known piece of gaming history.

Random: Have you seen this cute, unreleased precursor to the top loader …

Nintendo has recently made waves in the gaming world with its rare unreleased precursor to the Top Loader NES. The console, commonly referred to by fans as the “Random NES” due to its unique design, is a sought-after collector’s item that has been making rounds on various online marketplaces and conventions. With its impressive design and high potential value, many Nintendo enthusiasts have been scrambling to get their hands on this elusive piece of hardware.

Design Features

The Random NES distinguishes itself from other NES models with its unique top loading design. It fits cartridges much like an original Top Loader model would but features a rectangular shape instead of a trapezoidal one. The console also includes two ports for connecting controllers and an expansion port for accessories such as the Famicom 3D System helmet or light gun peripherals. These features, along with its sleek black finish, make it a standout piece of gaming history.

The “Random” label is likely derived from the fact that most other consoles were marked with specific revisions and manufacturers names, while this one had none. Its serial number 8300149 suggests it was manufactured between 1991 and 1992, potentially making it one of Nintendo’s prototypes.

Value For Collectors

Given its rarity amongst collectors, this unreleased Top Loader console has become quite valuable in recent years. Prices on popular auction sites such as eBay can range anywhere from $250-$500 depending on condition, while resellers often ask for more than $1000 in some cases. This makes it a potential goldmine for dedicated collectors seeking after unique items.

In addition to simply possessing an impressive piece of gaming history, owning this console comes with certain bragging rights as well. Due to the scarcity of Random

16 Unreleased NES Games – These could have been Classics
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