Sonic Colors Ultimate

Sonic the Hedgehog has been a staple in the world of gaming for over three decades now. The blue-haired speedster has raced through countless levels, thwarted countless enemies, and saved countless worlds. As the years have gone on, Sonic’s adventures have only gotten better and better, with each new game offering a fresh take on the classic formula. And now, with the release of Sonic Colors Ultimate, fans of the franchise are in for yet another treat. This updated version of the 2010 Wii game promises to take everything that made the original great and make it even better, with improved graphics, new features, and plenty of exciting changes to keep gamers on their toes. Get ready to race through space and save the Wisps once again – it’s time for Sonic Colors Ultimate!

Sonic Colors: Ultimate physical editions delayed in Europe

The Sonic Colors Ultimate game for Nintendo Switch is a fast-paced action-adventure game packed with gripping levels, creative challenges, and fun mini-games. Developed by SEGA, this vibrant game follows Sonic and his friends as they explore a space theme park in the search for the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic Colors Ultimate centers around the use of color to power up Sonic’s amazing abilities, giving him an edge over his rivals in high speed races and thrilling battles against Dr. Eggman’s robotic forces. With its cartoonish graphics, spellbinding soundtrack and state-of-the-art motion controls, Sonic Colors Ultimate is sure to keep gamers engaged.


At its core, Sonic Colors Ultimate offers a classic 2D side scroller experience with level designs that perfectly capture the essence of old school charm while introducing new features that provide a modern twist on the beloved franchise. Upon entering each level, players quickly realize that the goal is to traverse each stage as quickly as possible while using sonic’s epic momentum and colorful powers to defeat enemies along the way. Players traverse levels using one of four different control schemes – buttons/analog sticks or an optional motion controller – enabling them to perform more precise maneuvers when needed.

Sonic has access to several power ups scattered throughout each level which help him move faster than ever before or slow down time for an advantage during platforming sequences. These power ups come in the form of color orbs that can be collected by bouncing off floors or walls of red, blue or green colors – each having unique abilities tailored for dealing massive damage or bypass tricky obstacles.

Graphics & Audio

In terms of visuals and audio design, Sonic Colors Ultimate impresses with its vibrant colors and luscious environments that bring life into every corner of the game world

Sonic Colours: Ultimate playthrough ~Longplay~
This is a playthrough of Sonic Colours: Ultimate for PS4, played on PS5 (timestamps below). While this port had an infamously poor launch plagued by technical issues, it’s since had some patches to fix the more egregious issues – so the decision as to which version to play is more influenced by whether you want the enhanced framerate offered by …

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