100 Changes I Would Make To The Nintendo Switch

Carrions Controversial Nintendo Switch Menu Icon Has Been Changed

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most successful video game consoles to ever hit the market, largely due to its versatility and simplicity. However, one element that has caused a lot of controversy is the menu icon for the game Carrion. The original icon featured a pixelated creature that many deemed too graphic and unsettling. Now, after much outcry from fans and critics alike, the controversial menu icon for Carrion has been changed. Let’s delve deeper into the controversy surrounding this infamous icon and explore what led to its eventual replacement.
Carrion’s Controversial Nintendo Switch Menu Icon Has Been Changed …

Nintendo has recently updated the menu icon on its Switch console for the upcoming game, Carrion. The change comes in response to fan complaints that the initial design was too graphic and violent for a game marketed towards children and young adults. This update brings a much less sinister look to the system’s main interface, providing fans with a more comfortable gaming experience.

Criticisms of Initial Icon

When Carrion was initially announced for the Nintendo Switch, many fans were appalled by its accompanying menu icon. It featured an abstract form of red liquid dripping out of an undead creature’s skull. Some argued that this image was too gruesome and disturbing for such a family-friendly device. Many parents felt uncomfortable with their children seeing such an image on a daily basis when they turned on their consoles.

The outcry from fans forced Nintendo to rethink the visual design of its main interface. Executives at the company recognized how alienating this image could be and sought to create something more appropriate for all audiences.

The Replacement Design

Nintendo has released a new design to replace the previous version of Carrion’s menu icon. Now, instead of featuring an undead creature, it consists of a series of abstract shapes in various shades of red and black. This new design is far less graphic than before and eliminates any potential concerns about violent imagery being associated with the Switch console.

In addition to achieving greater clarity around what Carrion is about, this updated menu icon gives players more confidence that they won’t encounter anything inappropriate while using their system. Nintendo hopes this will help them gain new customers who might have otherwise been hesitant to purchase a Switch due to fears over content.</p

100 Changes I Would Make To The Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch is great and all but in some ways it SUCKS. Don’t get me wrong it’s probably my favorite console of all time and its done so much for me, but man somethings about it are just so dumb. So today I compiled a list of 100 things I’d like to see changed. ⭐️ click these links ⭐️ Nintendo Tonight Podcast: …

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