Animal Crossing New Horizons Beetles Where When And How To Catch Every Beetle

Animal Crossing New Horizons, the latest installment in the popular Animal Crossing franchise, has captured the hearts of gamers everywhere. One of the most exciting aspects of this game is beetle catching. With over 30 different species of beetles available to catch, it can be overwhelming to figure out where and when to find them. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about catching beetles in Animal Crossing New Horizons – from where they spawn to the best tricks for catching them. So grab your net and get ready to become a beetle-catching pro!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Beetles – Where, When And How To Catch …

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, released in 2020 by Nintendo, is a critically acclaimed life simulator video game. Players take control of their own island and live a peaceful life in harmony with their animal neighbors. One of the game’s most popular activities is catching insects, particularly beetles. With eight types of different beetle species available to catch on each island, it can be difficult to know where and when to find them as well as what techniques and tools to use to catch them. Here’s everything you need to know about catching beetles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Where Can I Find Beetles?

Beetles can be found on all islands across Animal Crossing: New Horizons, though they are much rarer than other insect species such as butterflies or cicadas. When you first start playing the game, you won’t find many beetles on your island – instead they only appear in flying form at night or after it has rained during the day. To increase a beetle spawn rate, you should try shaking trees, cutting down trees with an axe or flimsy axe , or using an bug-catching net to catch them.

Beetles can also be caught from Floating Island balloons which appear sporadically throughout the day – here you can find rarer species such as the golden stag and horned dynastid beetles that cannot typically be found on your island. To increase your chances of finding Floating Islands with rare beetles, make sure you regularly travel between islands using Dodo Airlines.

When Should I Catch Beetles?

Beetles are generally found more commonly at night time between 7 pm and 8 am. This is because some varieties of beetles like the Scarab Beetle will only fly around at night while others like the Giant Stag Beetle

How to Catch Golden Stag, Hercules Beetle and all Rare Bugs in Animal Crossing New Horizons
Catching #Bugs are hard in #AnimalCrossing #NewHorizons #ACNH so this video will help create Beetle Spawning Islands and teach you how to catch rare Beetles such as Golden Stag, Hercules Beetle, and Giraffe Stag, and easier beetles such as Scarab Beetle, Giant Stag, Horned Elephant Beetle, Cyclommatus Stag and Horned Atlas Beetle. Summary from …

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