Metroid Dread Walkthrough Power Ups Upgrades Ability Locations Missile Tanks And Boss Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for Metroid Dread! In this walkthrough, we will take you through every step of the game, from power ups and upgrades to ability locations and boss strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned Metroid player or new to the series, this guide has got you covered. Get ready to explore the game’s vast world, collect missile tanks, and defeat challenging bosses. So grab your controller and let’s dive into the thrilling world of Metroid Dread!

Metroid Dread: Every Missile Tank Location In Ghavoran Guide

Nintendo’s Metroid is one of the most iconic games in gaming history and its latest installment, Metroid Dread, has continued the series’ tradition of delivering a thrilling, deep sci-fi experience. Players take control of Samus Aran as she embarks on an epic mission to save her home planet from an alien threat. While the game is full of dramatic battles and immersive worlds to explore, it can be tricky to navigate all the nuances and challenges it throws at you. To help you get up to speed on this action-packed space adventure, here is a comprehensive Metroid Dread Walkthrough which covers power ups, upgrades, abilities locations, missile tanks and boss guide.

Power Ups

Power Ups are essential for players in order to progress in Metroid Dread. The game offers a variety of different power ups that give players useful abilities such as enhanced firepower or increased armor. These can be acquired by defeating specific enemies or by finding them scattered around the environment. One example of a power up is the Missile Launcher which allows Samus to fire powerful missiles at her foes and cover greater distances when jumping. Players should always keep an eye out for these while exploring as they can make some previously impossible areas accessible.


Beyond power ups there are also Upgrades which are equally important if not more so than Power Ups. Upgrades provide permanent enhancements to Samus’ stats and abilities such as improved health regeneration or increased attack damage. These can be found scattered around the world as well as rewarded after completing specific tasks. By collecting Upgrades players will find that they have an easier time taking on certain enemies or navigating through dangerous obstacles.

Abilities Locations

In addition to Power Ups and Upgrades, Samus can also acquire various Abilities such

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