Time on Frog Island - Official GDC Trailer | PS5, PS4

Time On Frog Island

Welcome to “Time On Frog Island,” an enchanting tale that will transport you to a magical place filled with adventure, friendship, and discovery. This captivating story takes place on Frog Island, a hidden paradise where time flows differently from the rest of the world. Join our young protagonist as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and navigate the challenges of living in a place where time is both a gift and a curse. Delve into this mesmerizing world as we uncover the mysteries that lie within Frog Island, where time holds the power to change everything.
Time on Frog Island for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Official Site

Nintendo Switch has been a great success since its release and one of the most beloved games available on the platform is Time On Frog Island. Developed by Sweet Potato Games, this charming title follows a young explorer stranded on an idyllic island inhabited by time-hopping frogs. The player must use the frogs’ unique skills to explore and solve puzzles in order to unite the island’s inhabitants and unlock its secrets.


Time On Frog Island is an adventure puzzle game that takes place over 48 levels. Players take control of three main frogs: a pink frog who can change time, a green frog who can jump higher, and a blue frog who can swim under water. There are also two secret frogs with special abilities. The goal of each level is to reach the end, often while collecting special items along the way. Players must use creative thinking to manipulate their environment in order to progress.

The game is designed in such a way that it’s easy for players of all abilities to pick up and start playing. New mechanics are gradually introduced as players progress through each level so they never feel overwhelmed or confused. Additionally, there are four difficulty settings ranging from Beginner Mode for younger audiences all the way up to Expert Mode with challenging puzzles that will test even seasoned veterans.

Graphics & Audio

Time On Frog Island boasts vibrant visuals that capture the peaceful beauty of its tropical setting. The simple graphics make it easy for players of any age or skill level to navigate without feeling overwhelmed or confused, while still creating an immersive experience that draws players into its world. The music complements the visuals perfectly as it dynamically changes based on what’s happening in-game for an overall more engaging experience.

Additionally, Sweet Potato

Time on Frog Island – Official GDC Trailer | PS5, PS4
See the spaghetti trade networks you’ll make to repair your ship in this puzzle adventure game, Time on Frog Island. Cast away on an island paradise complete with a cast of friendly frogs. Enjoy sandbox island life and explore at your own pace, solving sticky situations for your new friends and …

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