Tormented Souls

Welcome to the haunted world of “Tormented Souls.” Brace yourself as you step into a spine-chilling journey through a realm filled with darkness, mystery, and terrifying secrets. Prepare to be enthralled by the enigmatic atmosphere, soul-stirring soundtracks, and heart-pounding gameplay that will leave you on the edge of your seat. As you uncover the haunting past of an abandoned mansion, your every decision will shape your fate and determine whether you can escape from the clutches of torment or succumb to the relentless horrors lurking within. Only the courageous and persistent will survive this macabre ordeal. Enter at your own risk…

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Tormented Souls is a horror-genre action-adventure role-playing video game developed and published by Nintendo for its Switch console. Set in the fictional city of Whitefall, players take the role of Professor Oolong and his students as they investigate an ancient curse that has been unleashed upon the city. With its relentless, breathless pace, challenging puzzles, and horror elements, Tormented Souls provides one of the most thrilling gaming experiences on the Switch.


Tormented Souls is a fast-paced game that requires strategy and quick reflexes to survive. Players control Professor Oolong and work with his students to battle their way through hordes of monsters while trying to solve puzzles in order to progress further into the story. The game’s emphasis on exploration enables players to discover hidden areas and secrets that can provide clues about Whitefall’s history as well as new rewards and upgrades for their characters. Combat is also designed around strategic decisions, with players utilizing physical attacks alongside magical abilities in order to survive.

The game’s unique approach to combat ensures a thrilling experience each time; with decisions made during each battle having a tangible impact on later encounters. Furthermore, with new weapons being awarded for successful completion of certain areas or objectives, combat tasks never seem mundane or repetitive.

Graphics & Sound

Tormented Souls features detailed 2D graphics that successfully capture the moody atmosphere of Whitefall while also providing vivid depictions of its citizens and locations. Enemies have varied designs ranging from zombie like creatures to more esoteric foes such as Lovecraftian horrors all which are brought to life by their detailed sprite animations.

The audio design further enhances fear factor by employing sound effects such as thunder cracks and mysterious whispers in addition to an epic soundtrack composed by Ke

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