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In the ever-evolving world of video games, one symbol has stood the test of time – the Nintendo Seal of Quality. For decades, this emblem has represented a standard of excellence and assurance that a game is worth playing. However, as we delve into 2019, it begs the question – what exactly does the Nintendo Seal of Quality mean in today’s gaming industry? With advancements in technology and an influx of independent developers, this iconic seal takes on a new significance. In this article, we will explore the current implications and significance of the Nintendo Seal of Quality in a rapidly changing gaming landscape.

What Does The Nintendo Seal Of Quality Mean In 2019? – Talking Point …

Nintendo has been a mainstay in the video game industry for decades, since its release of the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1983. Over the years, Nintendo has become one of the most recognizable names in gaming, and with it their iconic Seal of Quality. But what does the Nintendo Seal of Quality mean in 2019?

Origin and Use of Seal

The “Official Nintendo Seal” was introduced over three decades ago in order to help consumers identify quality video games. The seal is awarded to games that have met comprehensive standards set by Nintendo’s strict quality assurance team. The purpose of this seal is to ensure that consumers can trust and rely on its products–with a guarantee from Nintendo that these games are free from hardware or software issues, content inappropriate for certain age groups, and overall product quality.

It also serves as a symbol for the company itself–a representation of their commitment to quality and innovation in game development. The official packaging also includes information about rating systems that advise parents on age-appropriate content.

Impact on Industry

The introduction of the Nintendo Seal was groundbreaking for its time and had a huge impact on the industry. It established an official program for developers to submit their games to be certified by Nintendo before they could be released. This provided some control over what kind of content was reaching gamers, which increased consumers trust in video game companies.

Today this practice is commonplace within the gaming industry; Sony’s PlayStation division uses their own certification process known as “Greatness Awaits” and Microsoft’s Xbox brand uses their “Xbox One X Enhanced” program. All these programs aim to provide criteria for developers and consumers alike; developers must meet certain standards or risk not being approved while customers can rest assured that they are

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