Splatoon 3s Second Big Run Event Is Coming Next Month

Get ready, inkling enthusiasts! Splatoon 3’s highly anticipated Second Big Run Event is just around the corner. Set to take place next month, this event promises to be even more thrilling and action-packed than ever before. Fans of the popular ink-based shooter game are eagerly awaiting the chance to dive back into the colorful world of Splatoon 3 and showcase their skills in intense multiplayer battles. With new levels, weapons, and features expected to be introduced during this event, players are in for an unforgettable gaming experience. So mark your calendars and prepare for the excitement that awaits in Splatoon 3’s Second Big Run Event!

Splatoon 3 to host Big Run event on December 9

Nintendo fans have something exciting to look forward to: Splatoon 3’s second big run event is coming next month. This event is expected to bring a host of new content and features that will add even more fun to the game and give players an extra reason to keep coming back.

The New Features

The new features included with this upcoming event will be four new stages, two weapons for each weapon type, and 10 gear sets. These weapons are based on a variety of objects such as coffee cups, balls, and musical instruments. The gear sets are special outfits that give players a unique look in the game. In addition, there will also be several new features which include an updated lobby system that supports up to 12 players, a new ranking system based on global rankings, and more customization options such as the ability to create your own custom weapon designs.

The Benefits of Participating

Players who participate in Splatoon 3’s upcoming second big run event will not only get access to all the exciting new content but also be rewarded for their efforts. Those who reach certain milestones in the event will earn bonus coins which can be exchanged for exclusive rewards including rare items and bonus points. Additionally, by taking part in events like these hosted by Nintendo players can enjoy extra benefits such as being able to unlock exclusive costumes and weapons.

Popular Player Reactions

Splatoon 3’s second big run event has already generated quite a lot of buzz among fans of the game. Many players are eager for this event as it promises to add lots of fun-filled content that they can enjoy with their friends. On social media platforms such as Twitter we can see many people expressing their excitement for this upcoming event.


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