The Next Pokemon Build A Bear Appears To Have Been Leaked

The Next Pokemon Build A Bear Appears To Have Been Leaked

Fans of both Pokemon and Build A Bear are in for an exciting treat as rumors suggest that the next collaboration between the two beloved brands may have just been leaked. The anticipation has been building ever since the successful launch of previous Pokemon-themed stuffed animals, and now it seems that a new addition to the collection is on its way. With limited details available at this time, eager fans can’t help but speculate about which iconic Pokemon will soon be brought to life in cuddly plush form.

Piplup Is The Next Build-A-Bear Workshop Pokemon | NintendoSoup

Pokemon fans everywhere are eager for news about the latest Build A Bear collaboration, and it appears as though the details of the next installment have leaked. The Pokemon Build A Bear collab is an exciting opportunity for fans to get their hands on unique Pokemon-inspired stuffed animals, and it looks like a new character will be joining the lineup soon. There’s sure to be plenty of excitement surrounding this announcement, so let’s take a closer look at what this latest collaboration may entail.

The Character

This time around, the rumor is that the new collaboration will feature a plush Pikachu. Pikachu is one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in the world of Pokemon, so this is sure to excite many fans looking for something special from their favorite franchise. Not only could this be an amazing way to share your love for Pokemon with your friends and family — many people also tend to keep these kinds of collectibles as mementos or display them in their homes.

In addition to being a beloved franchise character, Pikachu has become something of a mascot when it comes to promotion of all things Pokemon-related over the years. This makes it particularly fitting that they should be chosen as part of this Build A Bear collaboration. It’s sure to make many fans happy.

The Release

Though nothing has been officially confirmed yet, reports suggest that this particular Build A Bear collaboration may be released sometime in July 2021. If these rumors prove accurate, then fans will have plenty of time to prepare for its release by saving up or setting aside funds prior. Plus, if people coordinated well enough with their friends they could potentially purchase multiple versions as gifts — making them great options for birthday presents or other special occasions.

It’s always exciting when news like this leaks out and tantalizes dedicated fans

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