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Four Sega Genesis Mega Drive Games Have Been Added To Switch Onlines Expansion Pack

Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack continues to impress with the addition of four Sega Genesis Mega Drive games. This expansion has been highly anticipated by gaming enthusiasts, and the inclusion of these beloved classics only enhances its appeal. With a wide range of genres and iconic titles, such as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Streets of Rage 2, players can now relive the nostalgia or discover these legendary games for the first time. Nintendo Switch truly proves its commitment to providing a diverse gaming experience with this latest addition to their online service.
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Nintendo recently announced that four Sega Genesis games have been added to Switch Online’s expansion pack, bringing more classic gaming to the Nintendo Switch. The four games that have been added are Streets of Rage 2, Beyond Oasis, Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master, and Sonic Spinball. This adds to the already impressive list of classic NES and SNES games available on Switch Online.

The Fan-Favorite Games

These new additions to Switch Online are fan-favorite titles from the popular Sega Genesis library. Streets of Rage remains a beloved side-scrolling beat ’em up series. Beyond Oasis is an isometric action-adventure game in which players control a young hero who wields magical powers and team up with four elemental spirits to battle against dark forces trying to take over a magical kingdom. Shinobi III is an action platformer in which players take control of Joe Musashi as he fights against forces attempting to conquer feudal Japan. Last but not least, Sonic Spinball is an enjoyable pinball game featuring beloved Sonic characters.

All four titles provide a great range of classic gaming experiences for all types of gamers. Fans who enjoyed these games on the original Sega Genesis will be ecstatic at being able to play them on their current consoles with updated features such as HD resolution support and online multiplayer capability through Nintendo Switch Online.

The Impact

The addition of these games has been very positive for both Nintendo and Sega fans alike. Not only do they bring nostalgic experiences that many older gamers will remember fondly, but they also present opportunities for newer gamers to experience some classic titles in new ways.

This also serves as a reminder that Nintendo can still bring back some great retro content while still focusing on creating new experiences such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of

SEGA Genesis – June 2022 Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online
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