Overwatch 2 Dps Tier List

Welcome to the Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List, where we dive into the exciting world of damage heroes in Blizzard’s highly popular team-based shooter sequel. With Overwatch 2 set to bring a variety of new characters, maps, and game modes, it’s crucial for players to know which DPS heroes stand out from the rest. In this comprehensive tier list, we will analyze each hero’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall viability in different game environments. Whether you’re an aspiring professional player or just looking to climb the ranks in competitive matches, this guide will help you stay ahead of the curve in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Best DPS Heroes: Tier List and Ranking | High Ground Gaming

The Overwatch 2 Dps Tier List is an important tool for Nintendo players that need help deciding which of the Damage Per Second heroes they should be focusing on when playing the game. Knowing exactly which heroes are most powerful, and which ones are weaker, can give a real edge over opponents when playing Overwatch.

Power Rankings

The Overwatch 2 Dps Tier List is split into two main categories: A-Tier and B-Tier. A-Tier heroes are the most powerful and tend to be the ones that will make or break games, while B-Tier heroes are still useful but can sometimes end up being overlooked. Heroes like Widowmaker, Genji, Pharah and Tracer have consistently held positions in the top tier for some time now, with many players citing them as essential picks for any team composition.

Other heroes like Soldier 76, Bastion and Doomfist also have a place in many team compositions as they offer great utility such as ranged damage or crowd control abilities. The DPS Tier List is widely considered to be the best way to figure out which characters will give you the biggest advantage when it comes to Damage Per Second output.


When looking at the Overwatch 2 Dps Tier List it’s important to not only focus on the individual hero’s power level but also consider how they interact with other characters in terms of synergy. For example, pairings such as Widowmaker & Tracer or Genji & Doomfist can create devastating combos that often lead to easy victories. Understanding how different characters interact with each other is essential for forming a successful team composition.

It’s also important to recognize that metas constantly change in Overwatch 2. As Blizzard adds new content and adjustments to existing heroes, certain ones may become

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