The Risque Duel Princess Returns To Pc Following Switch And Steam Delisting

The gaming world is in for a treat as “The Risque Duel Princess” makes a remarkable comeback to the PC platform after being delisted from the Nintendo Switch and Steam. This highly anticipated return has sparked excitement among avid gamers who had long awaited its resurgence. With its unique blend of risque visuals and intense dueling gameplay, “The Risque Duel Princess” promises to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience that caters to the adventurous souls. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey filled with daring challenges and captivating storytelling as this beloved game finds its way back into the hearts of players everywhere.

The Risqué ‘Duel Princess’ Returns To PC Following Switch And Steam …

Nintendo fans have been in for a surprise recently, as the risque card game Duel Princess made a return to PC platforms after originally being delisted from both Nintendo Switch and Steam. The highly rated game was removed from those platforms earlier this year, but has now resurfaced on PC as an exclusive title. The news has been welcomed by fans of the game and Nintendo alike.

The Story Of Duel Princess

Duel Princess is a card-based action game developed by Japanese studio Sashimi Arts. It was first released in 2017 for both Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, and quickly gained a strong following due to its unique art style and risque characters. Players take control of one of four princesses, all of whom possess their own distinct abilities. The game plays out like traditional card games, with players taking turns to attack the enemy’s health points until one side is victorious.

Unfortunately for fans of the series, Duel Princess was delisted from both Nintendo Switch and Steam earlier this year without explanation from either company. This sparked debate amongst players who had come to love the series and were disappointed with its sudden disappearance.

The Return Of Duel Princess

Following its initial delisting, there have been rumours that Duel Princess would eventually find its way back onto the platforms where it was initially released. These rumours were proven true when Sashimi Arts announced that the game will be returning exclusively to PC via their official website later this month.

This announcement has been met with excitement by gamers across the world who have longed for a return of their favourite card-based action game. According to Sashimi Arts, they “are thrilled to bring back duel princess” and are “hopeful that its return will bring joy to

Duel Princess Pulled From eShop, Plus Possible Steam Issues
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