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Pokemon Go Castform Forms Explained How To Use The Weather To Get Each Form

In Pokémon Go, there is a special Pokémon known as Castform that has the unique ability to change its form depending on the current weather conditions. With this exciting feature, trainers can now capture different forms of Castform by simply observing their in-game surroundings. In this guide, we will explore the various forms of Castform and how you can use the weather to your advantage in order to obtain each form. So get ready to harness the power of nature as we delve into the world of Pokémon Go’s Castform forms!
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The Castform forms feature is one of the most interesting and unique features in Pokémon Go. It allows players to change the type of their Castform depending on the weather. This addition has added a layer of complexity and strategy to the game, as each form provides different defensive and offensive capabilities, depending on the environment. In this article, we will explain what each Castform form is and how players can make use of the weather to get each one.

Normal Form

The Normal Form is Castform’s standard appearance. This form has no special abilities beyond being able to learn normal moves such as Tackle or Fire Spin. Its characteristics are average in every regard; however, it does excel in its ability to take on a number of different roles within a team.

Unlike its other forms, which are largely determined by their type, the Normal Form’s type-based strengths and weaknesses depend entirely on what moves it learns. This makes it an excellent option for teams composed of several types that need a solid defensive core.

Sunny Form

Castform’s Sunny Form grants it access to Fire-type attacks that would otherwise be inaccessible in its Normal form. This makes it an invaluable addition to teams featuring Fire-type Pokémon such as Charizard or Typhlosion. While this form does boast increased firepower with access to powerful STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves such as Flamethrower and Heat Wave, its defenses remain average.

It should also be noted that this form requires Sunny weather conditions to be accessed and maintained so players must be sure they check their local forecast before bringing this Castform out onto their team.

Rainy Form

Castform’s Rainy Form not only grants

Introducing a NEW Castform for Every Type! | Kaskade Region | Gnoggin
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