Pokemon Bread craze ignited in South Korea

Random Pokemon Bread Is Apparently A Big Thing In South Korea

Random Pokemon Bread Is Apparently A Big Thing In South Korea

South Korea is known for its eclectic and sometimes bizarre food trends, but perhaps none are quite as surprising as the recent obsession with “Pokemon bread.” This quirky culinary creation has taken the country by storm, with bakeries across South Korea cashing in on the craze. Inspired by the popular franchise, Pokemon bread features adorable edible versions of Pikachu and other beloved characters. From vibrant colors to intricate details, these whimsical loaves of bread have captured the hearts and taste buds of many in South Korea, leaving both locals and visitors alike in awe. Join us as we delve into the delightful world of Pokemon bread and explore why it has become such a big thing in this fascinating country.

Random: Pokémon Bread Is Apparently A Big Thing In South Korea …

It looks like the trendiest snack in South Korea right now isn’t a fancy pastry or a savory dumpling. Instead, it’s something even more unexpected: Random Pokemon Bread. Despite being a seemingly random combination, this Pokemon-inspired snack has taken the country by storm and become wildly popular amongst all ages.


Random Pokemon Bread is exactly what it sounds like. It’s bread, shaped into random characters from the beloved Pocket Monsters franchise. Each loaf of bread features different characters, so you never know which ones you’ll get! This surprise element has been cited as one of the main drivers of its popularity.

The invention of Random Pokemon Bread is credited to baker Park Seong-jin, who serves as the head chef at Seoul’s famous Gwangjang marketplace. Park reached a wider audience when he made an appearance on the popular reality cooking show “Food Heaven” in 2019, and that was when this unique snack really started to take off.


Since then, Random Pokemon Bread has become immensely popular in South Korea – according to recent reports, queues have been forming around bakeries for hours on end just to get their hands on these treats! And it’s not just young kids who are getting excited either: surveys show that there are actually more adults than children buying these awesome snacks.

The appeal goes beyond its novelty factor too. The bread itself is made with high quality ingredients and comes in two versions – sweet or savory – both of which offer a tantalizing taste sensation. Fans also love that each loaf is unique from all others; so much so that some have even started trading their loaves for characters they don’t already have.

Pokemon Bread craze ignited in South Korea
Millennials and Gen Z members are racing to markets to join hour-long lines for Pokemon Bread day and night. #ABCNews #Pokemon #PokemonBread #SouthKorea

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