TOP 15 BEST Indie Games of the Year 2023 SO FAR (Indie GOTY 2023)

Feature 33 Indie Games Were Excited About On Switch In 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the most anticipated indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2023. With its portable nature and ever-growing library, the Nintendo Switch continues to be a haven for indie game developers and enthusiasts alike. In this feature, we will delve into 33 exciting indie titles that are set to grace the Switch this year, offering a diverse range of genres, unique art styles, and captivating gameplay experiences. From charming pixelated adventures to gripping narrative-driven stories, there is something for everyone in this highly anticipated lineup of indie games. So grab your Joy-Cons and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the vibrant world of indie gaming on the Nintendo Switch!
Feature: 33 Indie Games We’re Excited About On Switch In 2022 – Helewix

In the two years since its launch, the Nintendo Switch has established itself as the go-to console for indie gaming. With an ever-growing library of critically acclaimed indie games, the Switch is providing gamers with an unprecedented selection of innovative titles to choose from. As we approach 2023, there are plenty of exciting independent games that will soon be available on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Here are 33 indie games that we’re most excited about in 2023.

Ghost Parade

Ghost Parade is an adorable platformer game from publisher Aksys Games and developer Souping Gorilla. Players take control of a young girl named Sumire and guide her through a forest full of spirits. Along the way, she recruits these spirits to join her in her journey and use their unique abilities to solve puzzles and navigate obstacles. With its vibrant art style and heartwarming story, Ghost Parade is sure to become a hit on the Switch in 2023.

Faulty Apprentice: Fantasy Visual Novel

Faulty Apprentice: Fantasy Visual Novel is a stylish role-playing game developed by Delirium Games Studios. Players take on the role of Apprentice, an aspiring young magician who embarks on an epic quest with his shape-shifting squirrel companion Magrisar to save his home village from peril. Along with its dazzling visuals and intricate story line, Faulty Apprentice promises hours of replayability through its multiple branching storylines and rich dialogue system.

The Last Friend

The Last Friend is a post-apocalyptic hack-and-slash game from developer Dream Harvest Games. After humanity was driven into extinction by a brutal virus only animals remained in this new world order. Players explore this new animal kingdom while defending their fellow creatures

TOP 15 BEST Indie Games of the Year 2023 SO FAR (Indie GOTY 2023)
2023 in indie games has been pretty sweet, so here are the BEST games SO FAR. Indie GOTY 2022: Patreon Newsletter Next BIG Project Indie Developers reach out 00:00 #15 : …

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