Poll Box Art Brawl Duel Mega Man X

Welcome to the ultimate showdown in the world of video game art! Presenting the Poll Box Art Brawl Duel Mega Man X, where fans and connoisseurs alike can come together to voice their opinions on which box art reigns supreme. As one of gaming’s most iconic franchises, Mega Man X has had numerous iterations and variations of box art throughout the years. Now is your chance to weigh in and decide which design captures the essence of this beloved series in the most captivating way. Get ready to dive into a heated debate as we pit these visually stunning box arts against each other. Let the battle begin!

Poll: Box Art Brawl: Duel – Mega Man X2 – TOI News – TOI.News

Fans of Mega Man X are in for a treat! Nintendo recently revealed a new and exciting project: Poll Box Art Brawl Duel Mega Man X. This competitive tournament, available to all Nintendo Switch players, offers the chance for gamers to compete for ultimate glory and bragging rights by voting for their favorite box art design.

Competition Overview

In this tournament, participants vote on their favorite of eight different box art designs. Each design is based on an iconic moment from the classic Mega Man X series. All votes will be tallied up over three rounds of competition, with the final winner being declared as the champion and receiving some awesome prizes.

This competition is open to all players around the world, regardless of age or experience level with the game. Nintendo encourages player participation through social media campaigns that will generate excitement and engagement. In addition, they are offering prizes such as signed copies of the game and exclusive merchandise for those who vote early.

Voting Process

The voting process is easy – simply follow @NintendoSwitch on Twitter or visit their website. From there you can cast your vote for your favorite box art design by entering your Nintendo Account Number or Social Media Handle in the “Official Entry Form” section.

After submitting your entry form you will be presented with two additional questions about which features of the winning design you prefer – resolution type, image size etc., which will help determine which design wins each round. After filling out those questions you will then submit your ballot and await final results.


All participants who successfully submit their ballots are eligible to win prizes such as signed copies of Mega Man X games or exclusive merchandise available only through this competition. For those whose entries receive more than 5% of

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