Guide How To Beat Daruks Song In Zelda Breath Of The Wilds Champions Ballad Dlc

Welcome to our guide on how to conquer the challenging task of beating Daruk’s Song in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Champions’ Ballad DLC. With its new set of trials and puzzles, this DLC offers an exhilarating experience for seasoned players. In this guide, we will walk you through the strategies and tips necessary to overcome Daruk’s Song, allowing you to unlock valuable rewards and progress further in this beloved game. Get ready for an epic adventure as we delve into the depths of Hyrule once again!

How To Beat Daruk’s Song In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s Champions …

The Champions Ballad DLC for the critically acclaimed game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a captivating adventure that players can embark on to test their mettle and skills. One particularly challenging mission is beating Daruk’s Song which requires players to be skilled and crafty in order to slay the powerful Divine Beast, Vah Rudania.

About Daruk’s Song

Daruk’s Song is one of the four divine beasts inside The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s Champions Ballad DLC. As one of three main tasks in the Champions Ballad, this divine beast must be defeated in order for players to complete their quest. The challenge here lies in the fact that this beast is incredibly powerful, with several devastating moves at its disposal such as a fiery projectile and Vanaglorious Roar – which will cause severe damage if it connects with Link.

This formidable enemy also comes equipped with a couple of shields – an Electric Shield and a Flame Shield – which will protect it from any frontal attacks. Players must strike carefully if they want to stand a chance against this powerful foe.

Tactics For Beating Daruk’s Song

In order to beat Daruk’s Song, players need to employ tactical strategy and skillful combat techniques. For starters, it would be wise for players to use shield-breaking weapons such as spears or pole-arms – since these have more reach than swords – coupled with well-timed blocks in order to break through its many shields. Making use of elemental weapons equipped with Fire or Shock arrows can also prove effective against this beast.

It would also be beneficial for players to equip any armour pieces which offer resistance against fire or electricity as these will prevent them from taking extra damage

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