So this is Splatoon 3

Psa Get Muting Folks Splatoon 3 Spoilers Are Inking All Over The Internet

Attention all squid kids and octo enthusiasts! It’s time to gear up and get ready for some major ink-action because the highly anticipated release of Splatoon 3 is just around the corner. However, before you dive into the splat-filled world of this highly popular Nintendo game, we have an urgent Public Service Announcement (PSA) for you. Brace yourselves, as we bring news of spoilers infiltrating every corner of the internet! Yes, you heard it right – Splatoon 3 spoilers are splatting all over cyberspace, threatening to douse your excitement and ruin the surprises that await. So gather your fellow Inklings and get those mute buttons ready because it’s time to navigate this spoiler-ridden sea carefully.
PSA: Get Muting Folks, Splatoon 3 Spoilers Are Inking All Over The …

Nintendo fans around the world were recently sent into a frenzy with the announcement that Splatoon 3 is officially in development. The highly anticipated sequel to Nintendo’s beloved shooter series is set to arrive sometime in 2021, and anticipation for its release is only growing. However, alongside all of the hype and excitement, there has been an unfortunate downside as well: Splatoon 3 spoilers have been spreading like ink throughout the internet.

Spoilers Running Rampant

Since news of Splatoon 3 broke, countless spoilers have been surfacing online. From leaked art and screenshots to plot details and open discussion about gameplay features, players are being inundated with information that they may not want to hear yet. This presents a big problem for those who don’t want anything ruined before they’ve even gotten their hands on the game.

To try and combat this problem, Nintendo has put out calls for fans to be aware of potential spoilers while interacting with others online. They have also warned that if any fan is found sharing spoilers or actively trying to spoil someone else’s experience then they could face potential consequences. Despite these precautions, though, it doesn’t appear to be slowing down the spread of spoilers.

Fans Taking Action

In response to this epidemic of unwanted reveals, fans have begun taking more drastic measures in order to protect themselves from being spoiled on Splatoon 3. Many fans are now actively avoiding any online discussion concerning Splatoon in order to prevent them from seeing even a single spoiler by accident. Others are just opting out of all forms of gaming media altogether until after the game releases.

Furthermore, some players have even taken up arms against anyone who would dare try and ruin another fan’s experience by posting unwanted reveals about Splatoon 3 on social media platforms or other areas online

So this is Splatoon 3
***POSSIBLE SEIZURE WARNING!!*** there’s no sound effects because i don’t trust myself to not put reverb farts and vine booms every chance i get anyway, i haven’t animated in over half a decade, so, take this. it took two whole ass days to finish! I am more active on Instagram!: Characters: Nintendo Art …

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