Best Professor Layton Games Of All Time

The Professor Layton series has captured the hearts and minds of puzzle game enthusiasts around the world. Known for its engaging storylines, charming characters, and mind-bending puzzles, Professor Layton games have become a staple in the gaming industry. With numerous titles to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which ones stand out above the rest. In this article, we will explore some of the best Professor Layton games of all time, showcasing their unique qualities and why they have earned a place among the top titles in this beloved series.

Best Professor Layton Games Of All Time | Nintendo Life

Since 2007, the Professor Layton series of puzzle video games have been a mainstay of Nintendo’s lineup. Developed by Level-5 and published by Nintendo and Capcom, these games are set in the world of the charming archaeologist Hershel Layton and his apprentice, Luke. Although Professor Layton has become synonymous with mystery-solving logic puzzles, the games also feature engaging stories and characters. With nine titles in the series so far, it can be difficult to choose which one to play (or replay). To help you out, here’s a rundown on some of the best Professor Layton Games of all time.

Professor Layton and The Curious Village

The first installment in the series is arguably still one of its best. Professor Layton and The Curious Village (2007) introduces us to HershelLayton’s world as he travels to the village of St. Mystere to solve a mystery surrounding a wealthy family’s inheritance. Along with this main plotline, there are dozens if logic puzzles scattered around that must be solved before progressing further into the game. This initial game has sold over 4 million copies since its release and remains popular with fans today.

Of all entries in the series, this one most closely resembles a classic point-and-click adventure game with its visually charming backgrounds and delightful characters. Combine that with some genuinely tricky puzzles, presented in unique ways you may not expect from puzzle game and you’ve got an instant classic.

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The ultimate crossover event for Nintendo 3DS fans: ProfessorLayton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2012). In this hybrid title, players take control of both HershelLayton and ace attorney Phoenix Wright as they work together

Ranking every Professor Layton game from WORST to BEST
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