Nendoroid 30th Anniversary Kirby Unboxing

New 30th Anniversary Kirby Nendoroid Includes Retro Kirby Face Available For Pre Order

Introducing the highly anticipated 30th Anniversary Kirby Nendoroid, a must-have collectible for all Kirby enthusiasts! This special edition Nendoroid celebrates three decades of the iconic pink puffball with a retro twist. The highlight of this commemorative release is the inclusion of a retro Kirby face, reminiscent of the character’s earliest appearances. Fans can now relive nostalgic memories while displaying this adorable figurine on their shelves. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity – pre-order your New 30th Anniversary Kirby Nendoroid today and join in the celebration of a beloved video game icon!
New 30th Anniversary Kirby Nendoroid Includes Retro Kirby Face …

Nintendo fans rejoice, a new 30th Anniversary Kirby Nendoroid is now available for pre-order! To celebrate the iconic series’ 30th anniversary, Good Smile Company released this collectible figure of one of Nintendo’s most beloved characters—Kirby. Not only does this new Nendoroid include an incredible amount of detail and charming features, but it also pays homage to the original 8-bit design with a retro face plate that has delighted fans all over the world.

Authentic Design

Good Smile Company’s new Nendoroid truly captures the spirit of Kirby in both design and detail. The figure stands 3.9 inches tall and comes with a variety of accessories, including Kirby’s famous “star rod”, two alternate face plates, and two alternative hats from classic games in the series—allowing fans to customize how their Kirby looks.

This figure also features an abundance of articulation points, allowing owners to pose him however they’d like. In addition to all this detail, the designers at Good Smile Company have also included an adorable retro face plate feature in recognition of how much Kirby has evolved over the years.

Popular Among Fans

Nintendo’s beloved platformer series has been around for three decades now, and during this time it has captured countless hearts with its charm and upbeat attitude. As a result, last month when Good Smile Company announced their new 30th Anniversary Nendoroid on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram—the post was met with an incredible response from excited fans.

“I’m so excited for this! I love collecting figures like these so this is perfect,” said one fan on Twitter. “Kirby is my favourite game series ever so I need to

Nendoroid 30th Anniversary Kirby Unboxing
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