How to Evolve ALL NEW POKEMON in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

Pokemon Legends Arceus New Evolution Methods

In the highly anticipated game, “Pokemon Legends Arceus,” trainers will embark on a thrilling adventure in the expansive Hisui region. This upcoming installment in the Pokemon franchise promises to revolutionize the way we evolve our beloved pocket monsters. With a unique twist on traditional evolution methods, players will delve into a world where new and exciting techniques must be mastered to unlock the true potential of their Pokemon partners. Get ready to discover brand-new evolutionary paths as we explore the innovative evolution methods in “Pokemon Legends Arceus.”
Pokémon Legends: Arceus New Evolution Methods | Nintendo Life

Although Pokémon has been around for more than two decades, the franchise recently saw the launch of a brand-new title – Pokémon Legends: Arceus. This game promises players an exciting journey of exploration, discovery and collection of some of the most iconic Pokémon to date. With the release of this new installment, comes several new and innovative ways to evolve Pokémon – something that longtime fans would be sure to appreciate.

New Evolution Methods

Arceus brings with it a host of new evolution methods which are sure to add further excitement and depth to gameplay. Players now have the ability to use temporal stones in order to evolve certain Pokémon, essentially allowing them access to some previously unavailable evolutions. Additionally, Arceus grants players the ability to give certain Pokémon a special type change which can completely alter their moveset, stats and abilities. Finally, Arceus introduces Synch_Evolutions which give players access to even more powerful evolutions.

Temporal Stones

One major change brought about by Arceus is temporal stones, which allow players access to some previously unavailable evolutions. For example, some Gen 4 starters (such as Turtwig) are not available in other installments before Arceus. However, when combined with a temporal stone, these Pokemon can now gain access to certain forms they would otherwise not be able to attain.

In addition, temporal stones also grant players access to legendary evolutions such as Rayquaza-Mega. By combining Rayquaza with a temporal stone such as Zekromite or Kyogrite (depending on how you want your Rayquaza’s moveset), you can unlock these rare forms.

Type Changes


How to Evolve ALL NEW POKEMON in Pokemon Legends Arceus!
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